The Unresolved About Killing In Nigeria

“There are several unanswered questions about the insecurity in Nigeria; I want to take you back to some of them

Is it true that the Nigerian Army cannot Defeat these insurgents? or have they been compromised? Who funds and provides training, I mean continuous training for these insurgents? How on earth do they ship in such weapons into this country? Where do they buy the weapons, I mean who sell it to them? Is it possible and are we saying we don’t know where they are hiding in the forest?

The above are some of the questions in the heart of the youths and lovers of Nigeria. The Nigerian government should be fully aware that “you cannot full all the people all the time”. Insecurity issues are sensitive issue especially for an heterogeneous country like Nigeria. The leader, I mean the number person of this country must show by verbal expressions and actions that he indeed a father to all and not a selected few.  

The Boko Haram insurgent has been identified to be predominantly resident in the Sambisa Forest, what prevents the Nigerian Military for engaging them in tactical combat.? 

What we expect from our political Leaders

It seemed uncleared and disturbing to begin to imagine that this present administration of Buhari seem to having so sweet romances with these killer-squared. else one would want to know why is the government complacent about these unheard of kind of killings