The 5th Concept of Morality

The 5th Concept of Morality

Morality is the soul-connected psychological concept that deals on the distinction between right and wrong.  There is the current and universal argument as to the validity of what is generally moral or immoral. Morality in this 5th Concept seeks to amplify the consequences of such actions rather than the motive behind the actions.

Take for example, stealing is considered as an immoral act globally; but if someone steals to feed a starving community, would it be just to describe such a valiant act as immoral?

Morality is one of the leading normative ethical theories such as consequentialism that seeks to focus on the consequences of an action rather than the belief that morality is absolute 

Can I be wrong?

Often times, this question has provoked unwarranted debates in the corridor of the learned; disputing aggressively the rationel behind such masculine declaration that an action taken in due benevolence especially with the proponents resulting in a none-injurious that the can be classified as an immoral act.