How To Have A High Score In Sat In 2021

What Is The Sat Test For?

The SAT is a mandatory entrance exam used by most colleges and universities in America to make admissions decisions. It is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test administered by the College Board Administrations. Interestingly, having a score in SAT might earn you a scholarship in some universities in America.

SAT has both English and Maths sections, any test taker who intend to have a high score in the SAT in 2021 and beyond must ensure he/she study this guide dutifully and the ones coming after this.

Sections Of The Sat Test

The SATis structurally divided into two broad spectrums, these divisions are further broken down into small units to enable easy understanding. Sat is broadly divided into two and an optional essay writing they are;

  1. Evidence-based Reading and writing Language Test (Reading, writing)
  2. Math Test (with calculator, without calculator)
  3. Essay (optional)

Additionally, each of the sections above must be studied first separately; read materials on them, watch videos on them, study with past question samples and possible or suggested responses base on the score you are expecting.

Further section of the SAT test

As earlier mentioned, the SAT test section can further be broken into five (5) sections as shown below; here you will find the test, the question numbers and the time frame for each and all the parts;

  1. The Reading Test (65 Minutes, 52 questions)
  2. Writing and Language Test (35 Minutes, 44 Questions)
  3. Math Test-No Calculator (25 Minutes, 20 Questions)
  4. Math Test-Calculator (55 Minutes, 38 Questions)
  5. Essay: You have 50 minutes to read the passage and write an essay in response to a prompt provided inside the booklet.


The Scoring Of The Sat Test

There is a team of highly trained SAT exam administrators that marks your exam and use a standard marking scheme for all test takers regardless of the location where the exam was taken. As SAT exam counselor, I have had intending test takers asking me of the impact of the writing center on their score; like I keep saying “all centers are structured to administer the exam in like manner and any defaulting center will be sanction instantly by first closing such a center”, so basically, we have severally centers around your city so that you can choose the one closest to you.  

Each of the section has a maximum score of 800, totally 1600 in all the SAT is a 3-hour, 50 minutes exam. Importantly, a pass mark of the SAT exam is from 900 marks upwards.