Enroll for Admission in UK, USA, and Canada without English Proficiency Exam.

Enroll for Admission in UK, USA, and Canada without English Proficiency Exam.

  Do I really need English Proficiency Test to enroll for admission in UK, USA and others?

Many Nigerians are currently stranded because of their seemly low score in English Proficiency Exams like ielts, gre and Sat in their pursuit for educational career development overseas.

Do you really need this exam to enroll for admission? Are there good schools you can apply to and be admitted without having to take any of these exams? What happened to my low score? In this article the answers you seek you will find.

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Essentially and unequivocally, Nigerians shouldn’t be among the nationals who should be mandated to present and English Language proficiency Exam before enrolling into schools in English Speaking countries. The cardinal reason is tied to the known following facts;

#Nigeria is an English speaking country; our official Language is English, Uk English for that matter

#An Average Nigeria who has completed his/her secondary education would successfully studied English Language for at least ten (10) years.

It is therefore a national ridicule to Nigeria and Nigerians when English Speaking institutions overseas are demanding for English Proficiency Exam.

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There are several schools in UK, USA and Canada that will not request for your English Proficiency Certificate to process your admission.

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